Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Electrolyzed Water article on front of LA Times

Yesterday, this article was on the front of the LA Times.

The buzz begins the same week as our friends Rhadiante and Brooke are bringing Kangen water to the LA Landscape Industry Show.
They will be presenting gardening solutions and more, featuring Enagic's Leveluk SD-501 home unit ionizer, which produces a full range of pH levels, from the disinfecting 2.5 to oil-emulsifying 11.5 that are capable of the cleaning powers explained in the LA Times article.

The Sheraton Delfina hotel in Santa Monica, CA recently purchased a commercial unit for about $12,000 to produce the water on site. They claim to be saving nearly $3,500 per month on cleaning and kitchen supplies, plus they are not using chemicals or wasting plastic containers.
The news video about the Sheraton points out that the biggest disadvantage is that the shelf life of electrolyzed water is low, while the benfits are high. By using only salt, water, and electricity, the machine produces a range of different pH water that is used for a range of applications.

The benefits of drinking electrolyzed water are amazing, and the technology to create it in your own home IS within reach.

Enagic's SD501 is a home-unit machine is the only one of its class that produces such a comprable range of ionized water, from 2.5-11.5. It's double dipped titanium plates and 230 watts of electricity give it an advantage over any of the other manufacturers on the market. The cost of this unit is less than one third of the amount that the Sheraton paid for theirs, and has a 5-year parts and labor warranty and a life-expectancy of 15 years. It's flow rate of 7.6 L/min is also significant enough to be used for some small-scale commercial uses.