Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HR 875 to Criminalize Organic Farming!?

This preposterous bill is trying to get pushed through and we may only have 2 weeks to stop it!

You can read the actual bill here: []

Basically, HR875 would transfer state power over food regulation to the Food Safety Administration, a group created within the Department of Health and Human Services. It may even ban seed banking and mandate 24-hour GPS tracking of farm animals.

The regulations that they would enforce (with fines of up to one million dollars) on all 'food production facilities' (which would include all farms, vineyards, raches, and orchards) are ridiculous. The mere existence of the FSA mandates insane compliance standards and documentation that would be a serious issue for anyone except major corporations to complete. The random, unannounced regulatory system would grant government access to farms' properties, and would grant the FSA power to deem an array of practices as criminal.

The 'findings' in the bill insinuate that potential droughts and climate change in the future is a threat to our food production and that we should be taking steps to ensure resistance to these external influences. It would grant the FSA "preventative process controls to reduce adulteration of food", potentially deeming non-GMO seeds unsafe and illegal.

This bill is not about protecting our food production safety, it's about corporatizing agriculture and catering to big business.

Please check out these articles and beyond, and if you feel moved to do something about it, spread the word!

>Op ed news is calling it monsanto's dream bill

>This is an article from the john birch society

>Here is a direct link to contact your representative

>This is a petition that is worth checking out, and i also really encourage writing your representative directly

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