Friday, January 13, 2012

Organic Advertising!

We were so pleasantly surprised last night when we showed up to Next Door Cafe to teach a free community Budokon yoga class, and we saw these custom whole food bars promoting the event!
These bars had piqued our interest before, but now they really had us interested. Turns out this is a local company in Chicago that will CUSTOM make granola bars! On their website, they offer different bases, textures, fruits, sweeteners, and boosts, with many of the ingredients having the option of going o
rganic. The average cost of a custom bar seems to be around $2.99, and they'll deliver a case of 12 to your door. And the best part guessed it - you get to create your own label!
Well, maybe that's not the BEST part, but it's certainly fun. Other highlights that I dig about this company are the nutrition facts (like % of carbs and % of protein) that constantly update as you create your ideal power snack. The various bases for the endurance bars are accompanied with suggestions for opportune times to utilize that particular energy bar - whether it be pre, post, or mid-race - making this is an awesome resource for athletes! Finally, Element Bars assures its customers high quality, minimally processed, all-natural ingredients, and for that, we are hyped!

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